Energy produced of wood

profitable sustainability with climate-protection effect

Towards the middle of the last century, vehicles with a wood gas drive were built serially; however, the technology was not developed far enough yet to ensure uninterrupted operation. We have made wood gasification our task, done lots of research and developed plants that are guaranteed to run 7500 hours per year.

In cooperation with our suppliers, we continually perform research to further increase efficiency, so that sustainable investments in wood energy systems will pay off even more.

This is how the energy revolution works!


The wood chips are dried and cleaned of small parts in the screen system. A conveyor screw transports the wood chips into the supply container that feeds it into the carburettor in a controlled manner. The wood is turned into gas there. The filter system cleans fine particles from the gas, which is then sent into the gas cooler. Perfectly prepared, it is now used as fuel for the gas engine of the CHP.


The wood carburettor CHPs delivered by us have produced so far:

Electrical energy kWh

Thermal energy kWh

The current total output is:

Electrical kW

Thermal kW

The entire energy volume has been produced only using wood chips, a renewable resource.

liters been consumed to produce the same amount of energy with fuel oil. The atmosphere would have been polluted with tons of CO2.


We have recorded all plants delivered by us in a project overview. Of course, we do not take the energy calculation in the overview directly from the wood carburettor plants, even though this would be possible. The figures are calculated from the guaranteed minimum outputs. The actual energy production is about 5 - 7 % above this.

Our plants are used in many European countries by now. We are just preparing to make the jump into the Asian and Canadian markets. Our project overview shows the geographic sites of the plants.

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Wood carburettor CHPs are machines with moving parts that need regular maintenance. The motor oil must be replaced, just as the glow plugs and filters. Everything is done according to a maintenance plan that we have developed for effective and long-lived use of our wood carburettor CHPs. 

Our technicians will instruct you if you want to perform your own maintenance.

If you conclude a maintenance contract instead, you are practically buying an all-round care-free package.

This video

was recorded during a photo shooting in August 2016.

Observe the actual value of the electrical output. It is continually above the warranted value of 125 kW by as much as 8 - 9%. This benefits the customer in the form of feed-in remuneration.

Four good reasons to choose

wood carburettor CHPs by Holzenergie Wegscheid


Our plants run at least 7500 hours per year. We guarantee for this.


Optimally coordinated components are the basis for the long runtimes of our plants.

Variable plant sizes

We build plants at 65 / 110 KW and 125 / 250 KW output.

Satisfied customers

Many speak of satisfied customers. We have them.